Explore Niagara NY

Explore Niagara NY

Niagara River Gorge

Adventure Hiking Tours

Your visit to Niagara Falls is incomplete without exploring the Niagara River Gorge.

Guided Hiking Tours

We offer a unique Niagara Falls vacation experience, with a variety of hiking options designed for various skill levels.

NY Licensed Guide

We specialize in small mixed groups, private groups, and solo traveler guided hiking tours along the Niagara River USA.

Explore Niagara NY is a hiking Co-Op of local Niagara Falls hiking enthusiasts.

Forget the overcrowded tours and experience nature with a knowledgeable and friendly hiking guide. 

Our profit sharing Co-Op program allows guides to reap the rewards of their interests and efforts. 

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We also rent kayaks with pick-up and delivery options.

Dates are limited for hiking tours and kayak rentals.
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